First comes LOVE. . . Randy+Jenny

13 08 2008

Ah, Randy Jackson.  Jenny and I were remembering the days when neither of us knew our husbands individually… but rather as a collective unit: theRandys. One was the front man, the funny, rounder guy. The other, the straight man, his quieter, skinny sidekick. They’d been friends for years. They were roommates. Then I met Randy P. and married his little self into a few pounds heavier. And Randy Jackson found Miss Wonderful, Jenny. Us Pearces are soooo excited for Randy and Jenny. It’s so nice to see that after praying for a wife for Randy Jackson that he found such a wonderful woman who is madly in love with him. They will be getting hitched on 10/03/08… so this first little series was to commemorate that.

We had a blast shooting with you! Love love love!


Road Trip!

5 08 2008

So on Thursday my mom calls me and tells me that my sister and her friends (hanging out in Nashville, TN) had extra tickets to the Steven Curtis Chapman concert at the Biltmore Estate for Friday night. She was looking for someone to go with her, and wanted to borrow my economical car. I said, “YES!” to both. Vaden is such a good baby, I thought we could do it. It would be 4 hours in the car on Friday, then we’d hang out, go to the show, and stay at a hotel and return Satruday in time to attend a friend’s afternoon wedding. It would be pushing it, but it was doable.

We left at 11:30 on Friday morning and arrive in Asheville at our hotel around 4:30 (had to stop to feed the baby.) About an hour later, the girls arrived from Nashville and we all went to Carrabba’s for dinner. Seating for the concert began at 5:30 or so, but we didn’t get there until the start, just at 8:00pm. I wish we could have arrived sooner and cruised the grounds a bit…I love the Biltmore. It’s where Randy proposed to me! Oh, well.

Despite it being a sold out show, we ended up with amazing seats, just 4 rows from the stage. And the sun was setting to our right behind the Blue Ridge Mountains, and Steven was leading worship. It was amazing. The concert was definitely one of the best I’d been to, and for the Chapmans, it was a very rich, gospel-centered one. As many of you may know, their youngest daughter/sister recently went to be with Jesus. For the Chapmans (Steven and his two boys are in the band– Will and Caleb) the songs they always sang now have a deeper, more challenging meaning. I will include the lyrics to “Miracle of the Moment” below.

We made it back just barely in time for the wedding, but had a blast there, too! Derek and Amanda had been together for a while now, and we hope they are loving Jamaica!

Here are a few pics from our adventures! First, the sunset!

Vaden and Auntie Ellie
Here you can see the whole band… but his son Will Frankiln plays drums, Caleb is to his right, BGV and guitar.
Singing “Cinderella”, written for his daughters.

Mimi is shielding Vaden from the loud speakers.

The Band.

Dave aka “Uncle Dave,” Steven’s assistant, fell for Vaden.

The Shaohannah’s Hope girls! These are some of the gals who recently went to China to work in orphanages with the foundation. Shaohannah’s Hope was started by the Chapman Fam after they adopted their daughter, Shaohannah, the first of their three adopted Chinese daughters.

Imagine losing a daughter and then singing this song. True Faith. Lyrics to Miracle of the Moment:

It’s time for letting go
All of our if only’s
‘Cause we don’t have a time machine
And even if we did
Would we really want to use it?
Would we really want to go change everything?
‘Cause we are who and where and what we are for now
And this is the only moment we can do anything about

So breathe it in and breathe it out
Listen to your heartbeat
There’s a wonder in the here and now
It’s right there in front of you
And I don’t want you to miss
The miracle of the moment

There’s only one who knows
What’s really out there waiting
In all the moments yet to be
And all we need to know
Is He’s out there waiting
To Him the future’s history
And He has given us a treasure called right now
And this is the only moment we can do anything about

And if it brings you tears
Then taste them as they fall
And let them soften your heart
And if it brings you laughter
Then throw your head back
And let it go, let it go
You gotta let it go
Listen to your heartbeat