First comes LOVE. . . Randy+Jenny

13 08 2008

Ah, Randy Jackson.  Jenny and I were remembering the days when neither of us knew our husbands individually… but rather as a collective unit: theRandys. One was the front man, the funny, rounder guy. The other, the straight man, his quieter, skinny sidekick. They’d been friends for years. They were roommates. Then I met Randy P. and married his little self into a few pounds heavier. And Randy Jackson found Miss Wonderful, Jenny. Us Pearces are soooo excited for Randy and Jenny. It’s so nice to see that after praying for a wife for Randy Jackson that he found such a wonderful woman who is madly in love with him. They will be getting hitched on 10/03/08… so this first little series was to commemorate that.

We had a blast shooting with you! Love love love!


Wilmington Visit

29 07 2008

We were so blessed to hang out with our dear friends Macie & Christopher in Wilmington last weekend. Saturday was a rainy day, but it cleared up for a few hours that afternoon and we headed downtown. What the heck, I thought, let’s take some photos! They were such great sports…from the Riverwalk to Kilwin’s to City Market. Thanks guys!!

And I couldn’t resist another of my Randy. Also a good sport. (Vaden slept the whole time!)

Then Sunday after church we went to the beach! Vaden was chillin under the pier in his exersaucer, went in the water a minute (and cried), then napped on a blanket in the shade.These were taken with Macie’s camera since I left mine at the house this day. Boy, was it a handful getting all the baby stuff down to the beach! Not to mention Vaden himself! At his 4 month checkup last week he weighed in at over 18lbs and 25.5 inches long. He is so much fun, though, I must say.