Farrell Family

29 06 2008

So Thursday was my Grandpa’s 75th birthday! My mom’s two sisters and brother drove up to surprise him and celebrate with him, and he was so surprised.

Yesterday, while we had a chance, I snapped some family photos of my grandparents and their four children: Linda, Debbie, Eileen, and Chuck.

The gang had a fun time reliving a certain dental incident involving my Aunt Debbie….


Generational lovin…

25 06 2008

Last week or so, we headed over to my grandparent’s house because Grandpa had requested a photo with Vaden and me. Grandpa isn’t doing so well these days, so I wanted to make it a priority that he got these pics. Randy snapped them, and it was night, so it was pretty dark, but I didn’t want to wait to take this chance!

Then I snapped a few…

Vaden is doing well! Had a few shots yesterday and has been a little fussy since. He still sleeps through the night! (Thank you God!) When naked, he weighs 16 lbs. 3 oz. He is 3 months old.


19 06 2008

It’s a big day in the Pearce household! Vaden Elliot slept through the night!! After night before last of very little sleep I cracked open the Babywise book and got to work. I feel that it’s time now, he doesn’t need to be in our room anymore. He’s been sleeping the first 5 hours or so in his crib for the last several days, but we would put him down after rocking him or nursing, or holding him to sleep. So throughout the day, I fed him, kept him awake, and then put him down to nap. I kept him on his 3-4 hour routine cycle throughout the day, just being more conscientious of his napping.

Last night, about 30 minutes after I fed him, we swaddled him, tucked him in and said “goodnight”. He cried. Tick-tock. 5 minutes passed. He still cried. I said “Babe, maybe we should check his diaper?” He calmed down when Randy picked him up. He changed him, though he was only slightly wet and back to bed. He cried. and cried. and cried. We checked him again. More crying. This time was it. It seemed like forever, but it was 20 minutes. Silence.

“Do you think he’s okay?” I asked.

“He’s fine. He’s finally tired of crying.”

I waited a few more minutes and then tip-toed in to make sure he didn’t spit up all over himself. And I found a peacefully sleeping baby. It was 11pm. It had taken about an hour overall.

I was still reading On Becoming Babywise for another twenty minutes or so. Then I talked Randy’s ears off for another 30 or so.

Sweet saffron light creeps into our room. I look over at the clock. 6:15am! “Is our child ok?”

I jump out of bed. I creep into his room and what do I find? A sweetly sleeping babe. Hallelujah! Praise the Lord. I can’t believe it! I think keeping his extra blanket tucked into the crib prevented him from being cold, and maybe this is why he didn’t wake up at 4/5 am. That, and I kept him on a feed/waketime/naptime routine yesterday.

Hey, I am no new fool. This may have been a lucky first start and tonight may be an entirely different story. What I am praising the Lord for is 6 CONSECUTIVE HOURS OF SLEEP! I haven’t had that since I was maybe 7 months pregnant! Before I got too big to be comfortable. Randy hasn’t had that long of a stretch since Vaden was born, I think. Today was Randy’s day off, so he was so excited to feel rested before noon! He actually went to play golf this morning! (tee time 7:40am!)

Here are a few I snapped this morning of the little bug. He is trying to sit up in the third one.

He Graduated!

14 06 2008

My brother Jonathan graduated last Saturday! We ate the best dinner ever at the Outback that evening and his big gift was a week white water rafting with my dad! Jonathan plans on joining the academy at Wake Forest Fire Dept. this upcoming fall.

Thanks to Mike Thorpe for snapping the photo below of the whole familia!

For some of his senior photos, we headed down to the Fire Dept. to get him in his gear.

Two month checkup…

3 06 2008

Vaden Elliot is 15 lbs and 23.75 inches long!

The Payne Family

1 06 2008

Ed and Leah went to church with us until they moved last summer to San Francisco. Leah started this really great and helpful blog for moms that I frequently cite as a wonderful resource. Check it out.

The Paynes have since moved to the Chicago area, but came down to NC for a nice visit. Leah was due to have Joel on April 3, which was also my due date! It turns out, they had to induce her two weeks early, and I naturally went into labor two weeks early, so our boys are only 36 hours apart! It was fun to introduce them to each other. Vaden gave Joel a big ole smile. Before they first moved away, I took photos of their family, but now that they have a new addition, they wanted some updated photos!