Wilmington Visit

29 07 2008

We were so blessed to hang out with our dear friends Macie & Christopher in Wilmington last weekend. Saturday was a rainy day, but it cleared up for a few hours that afternoon and we headed downtown. What the heck, I thought, let’s take some photos! They were such great sports…from the Riverwalk to Kilwin’s to City Market. Thanks guys!!

And I couldn’t resist another of my Randy. Also a good sport. (Vaden slept the whole time!)

Then Sunday after church we went to the beach! Vaden was chillin under the pier in his exersaucer, went in the water a minute (and cried), then napped on a blanket in the shade.These were taken with Macie’s camera since I left mine at the house this day. Boy, was it a handful getting all the baby stuff down to the beach! Not to mention Vaden himself! At his 4 month checkup last week he weighed in at over 18lbs and 25.5 inches long. He is so much fun, though, I must say.



26 07 2008

That’s how I feel, that’s what I am. I am so blessed. Last weekend we were able to stay with dear friends in Wilmington–this was our first family vacation with Vaden! He was pretty good, considering we messed up his whole routine. He slept through the night one out of the three nights we were there, and on that night, of course there was a fire alarm that went off in the neighborhood for over an hour. Ah, well, c’est la vie. Anyway. We had a blast. We got to catch up with friends, eat yummy food (boy, I love Flaming Amy’s!) and hang at the beach. Oh, and we made a trip to Fort Fisher as well. I got the chance to do a couples shoot of Macie & Christopher, and I will post some of those later, but I wanted to post a few of my handsome, loving, so dependable Randy. The only pictures I took of Vaden this weekend happened to be at the beach with Macie’s camera, but hopefully I will get a few of those soon, too. So here’s Randy. I don’t know what I would do without him. He’s my favorite.


11 07 2008

It’s definitely summer around here. Whew, is it hot! While the heat of July is not so much my favorite, there are a few other things that are! Watermelon, getting a tan, raspberries with cream, lightning bugs, and ceiling fans to name a few… oh, and the Wake Forest Children’s Fourth of July Parade! Since I moved to Wake Forest many years ago this parade has gotten bigger and bigger. That is to say, there are more and more participants! The parade consists of children, pets and their parents decorated in red, white and blue who either walk, ride a bike, skateboard, wagon, big wheels, etc. up one end of North Main street and down the other. Whoever doesn’t participate lines the sidewalk and cheers. The kids love it. This was Vaden’s first year! He even held a flag! Randy and I walked along with my mom and the five littles, since three of them rode their bikes this year and needed to be reigned in on occasion…

I’m hoooottt. I’m hunnnngry. I’m tiiiiired. (They got quite the workout!)

In other news, Vaden started using the Exersaucer! He loves it! He can bounce and look at toys at the same time. He goes in for a little bit each day now.

Family: the Wimberleys

1 07 2008

Renee was one of my former drama teachers. She fell in love with the Latin teacher. They got hitched on a beautiful Saturday morning. I remember the brunch with lovely wildflowers in mason jars on every table. It was five years ago now that Max joined their family as an adorable little boy with a healthy appreciation for all things sportsy. Two years later came Cana, a strong combination of girly girl and daredevil. Stella Jane is the new baby at 15 months old, a darling and a half. We had a blast at the park hanging out and snapping some classic photos!