Baby Grace

24 09 2008

As soon as I saw her, I burst with a “Oh! How precious!” Little Grace is almost 8 months old and is incredibly adorable. Her little curls bounced as her mom carried her downstairs. She was very friendly and smiley….and then, after a few minutes, in typical baby fashion, she decided that she would make us work for smiles–but we got some! Grace is full of personality!

Thank you for letting me capture these few moments with your treasured baby girl! Many blessings to you all!

Special Delivery!

For more, click HERE for the slideshow!!


Looka Me!

24 09 2008

I knew this week we’d give it a try. Last night, Vaden sat in his Chic-Fil-A high chair while his Grandma and I ate and I thought, maybe tomorrow will be the day.

So today, after a nice long walk this morning with our friends Jessica and Andrew, I got out the high chair and decided to give rice cereal a go. We already had some my mom had given us. I thought I would just see if he would like it or not. So here we go.

Not only did he open his mouth for each bite, he tried to grab the spoon from me and bounced up and down with excitement. He LOVED it.

“I love this chair. I will bang on my tray!”

Yummy spoon!

After a bite, I like to suck on my fingers.

Vaden is 6 months old!

22 09 2008

So we made it 6 months as parents. And we love it! Vaden has been such a joy. Thankfully, he is still sleeping through the night. He rolls over both ways now, he grabs at everything, he squeals with delight when I get him from the crib, and he remembered how to blow raspberries after a brief respite. (For a little while it seemed he forgot how and would purse his lips, then sorta hold his breath, turning red in the face and sound like he was choking instead.) He loves his daddy and watches him walk throughout the house. He loves to grab his hair. And mine. And yes, his eyes look like they’re turning brown.

Vaden has been on several little outings in his short life– to the movies, concerts, Wilmington (twice), Asheville, Charlotte, the Wake Forest Fourth of July Parade, and of, course, many a store with Mama!
Here he is, weighing in at almost 20 lbs. (19lbs. 13 oz) and 27 inches long. We are going to need a new carseat sooner than we thought. Hah!

And, of course, I have a slideshow HERE!

Randy Jenny Slideshow!

22 09 2008

Just got this great slideshow software and thought we’d make a cool one of Randy & Jenny!

Check it out HERE.

Happy Birthday Mimi!

20 09 2008

Today is my Mom’s birthday. She’s almost over the hill, and yet she’s got 5 kids under 5 to keep her busy! She’s been asking herself every day, “Why am I in this season of life all over again? I am too old for this!” And then one of these littles pops over to her lap and says, ” I love you, Mama,” and its all clear again. These babies needed a family. A mom to love them and clean their booboos.

I love you, Mom. Happy Birthday!

I had a shoot this morning, so Mimi kept Vaden on her birthday for me. This is what I found when I got there to pick him up. Good thing I don’t wear much lipstick. Or these would never come off. Permanent evidence of how much I clobber him with kisses.

Historic Downtown Wake Forest Criterium

15 09 2008

Some of you are probably wondering why Melissa would shoot a random sports event, which is a valid observation. In fact it was me, Randy (the eternal sports addict), who shot this event. I really had great time at this event. It made me quite reminiscent of my days in the saddle, maybe one day I’ll get back on the bike?

Wheels in, Wheels out!

The Ref kept everything on the up an up.

The Ref kept everything on the up an up.

For a slideshow of all the action you can click here.

Family: The Kranz Krew.

10 09 2008

The Kranz Family is an amazing family I have known for years now. Jerry & Cindy met in the Marines years ago, and are still just as in love as when they met, and I might even venture to say, they love each other more now. When I met them, I was in middle school and they had three kids,  Jeffrey, Timmy, and Joey. Now, I guess it’s been over a decade, and Timmy is now Tim, and Joey, Joe. And they have added to that number: Melanie, Tommy, Sammy, Andy, Jesse, and Julie. This family has a wonderful air about them. They are compassionate, they are giving, they help each other out. And they are chock full of talent! Jeffrey, a sophomore at  Tennessee Temple, is not only an incredible artist, he loves to do improv! Randy & I went to see him perform Saturday night at Comedy Worx in Raleigh. Tim as you will see, plays the drums, and Joey, the guitar. Melanie plays the piano and Tommy the clarinet. The rest, I am sure will find their own niches as they grow into their unique personality. We had a blast shooting this crowd (thanks for coming along Amber!) and can’t wait to post a few from the shoot!

***Updated to add: Click HERE for a slideshow***