The Big 5-0…

24 09 2009

My Mom turned 50!! Woohoo! And thanks to my father and one of her best friends, we managed to surprise her at her favorite restaurant with about 30 of her friends!! IT WAS SO GREAT! Why is it that when people are surprised they jump backward? Hmm. Anyway, my mom jumped back about a foot upon entering the room where we were all waiting at Casalinga. We ate, we roasted her, my dad gave her a simply beautiful 17 minute slideshow of their 30 years of marriage, and we ate some more. Seriously, if you live near Raleigh, you should try Casalinga. It is amazing Italian food, and even more amazing is the cheesecake. I don’t like cheesecake. But I could marry this one. Seriously.

This is actually where we had my after wedding lunch with the out-of-town- family before we flew out to St. Lucia. We ate leftover eggplant and cabernet for breakfast before jumping on the plane to the Caribbean. Oh good times.

Anyway. I also made my mom a slideshow for her birthday. Well, I made one of her Ethiopia trip. I managed to snatch the jump drive with all her pics thanks to my cousin George, who was the video/photographer, as I mentioned in this post and here it is:

Too bad I can’t embed it. Anyway, we also framed this picture for her hallway. This was the last family photo taken with my Grandpa. Oh, how cute is he??





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