My little He-Man

24 10 2008

I don’t think I ever tire of saying it.

I love Vaden.

He is such a blessing. He loves to socialize with people (especially his Papa), suck on his two fingers, pull my hair, play peek-a-boo, cuddle, chew on the tags of his toys and bibs, and roly-poly across whatever surface he is on. He rubs his tongue along his gums and then it seems like he chews it. He looks like an old man without teeth when he does it. (No, despite copious amounts of drool and endless chew-gumming, no teeth yet.) His new fascination is putting his feet in his mouth. He loves to grab whatever he can get his hands on and put it in his mouth. Speaking of which, he loves to eat avocado and butternut squash. And prunes, but they don’t love him. At least not yet. He hates when I am getting him dressed and his arms are stuck in his sleeves for more than 10 seconds. He can go from laughing to screaming bloody murder over trapping his hands. If I wait too long to pick him up he’s started doing this super-dramatic scream… it makes his face all red, furrows his brow and he spits somehow in the process. As soon as he loses breath, he stops and looks up/over at me to see if I noticed. If he could talk I am sure the scream would be something like, “I’m NOT saying it again, PICK ME UP!”

It was a scream similar to this one in volume, but he wasn’t just screaming for attention when he got two shots yesterday. I hate this cry. His whole face distorts into shock and pain while he flushes crimson. He got over the first shot within a few seconds, but the second one burns as it goes in, and it took him a while to calm down. Poor baby. I read on my friend Cassidy’s blog about her three year old hating the doctor’s office and I couldn’t help but wonder when he’s going to start putting two and two together and start crying when we walk in. I remember sitting in the waiting room of Alhambra Medical Center for my well Check-ups, knot in my stomach, watching the fish tank, playing with the bead maze, all the while wondering if I was going to get a shot. If I knew I was going to get one I would start crying in the waiting room. I did always like getting the little plastic jumping frogs when it was all over though… and taking a trip to Gordy’s pharmacy to see if I could just “look” at the stuffed animals.

“Ooh, Mama, look, they have a baby monkey.”


“Isn’t he cute, Mama? I always wanted a baby monkey…”

Well, now I have my own baby monkey. Well, not exactly. But that’s what I call him sometimes. Check out my little He-Man with his Baseball-playing Dinosaur PJ’s. So cute. I love Vaden.


The Jacksons, Part Two

23 10 2008

Now that Randy & Jenny are back from St. Lucia and loving the normal life, I have a few more photos to share! These are some of my favorites with a twist… and you can see a slideshow HERE.

An Americana portrait of sorts…

I love this one. So intimate and sweet.

Randy & Jenny had four “fruits of the Spirit” cakes, and boy, were they delicious. Well, at least the chocolate piece I had was! (No, I didn’t eat all four. Even though some might doubt that.)

So there are quite a few from this series, but I just picked these to show how Randy is giving Jenny the, “Don’t you even think about it” glare… and she’s thinking about it alright!

“Oh yeah? I will eat it and your hand so you can’t do it!”

“That’s what you think!” she says.

Ava & Gabriella: The Princesses of the Garden

19 10 2008

Ava & Gabriella are not only super cool sisters…they’re princesses. And I got to go to their castle and secret garden. It’s in this garden, in a very special place, that they keep their secret gems disguised as rocks. As I watched them flutter through line of rosebush after rosebush, I was reminded how l used to be a fairy princess. And I even collected secret treasures that looked like ordinary rocks. The funny thing is, I kept my most treasured ones even when my family moved across the country. My mom found my “box o’ rocks” and had a fit that I packed them! But all girly girls see more than just a rock. It’s a secret, powerful treasure.

Anyway, Ava and Gabriella are so sweet. They cherish each other. You can tell they have a lot of fun together. Thanks so much for playing with me!

Here are a few of my favorites, the link to the slideshow will be at the bottom of this post.

For a slideshow of all the images, click HERE.

All That I Can Say…

15 10 2008

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, as I learned from my friend and photographer Casey’s blog. Her post today brought tears to my eyes. Check it out HERE. Casey and Dan have been in my prayers a lot lately, as they grieve the loss of their son, Asher… Casey gives some great insight into the heart of a grieving mother and how to comfort a family experiencing loss.

One of my personal struggles this year has been the thought of losing a child, especially now that I have one. And it seems I know so many who, within the last year, have experienced this kind of loss–whether by miscarriage, infant death, or the death of a child. I am moved by their openness, their honesty, and their faith. I am constantly reminded of the hope we have in Christ through them and their hope. This song, posted by Angie on her blog, Bring the Rain, really expresses the emotions I have felt for our family and friends: All that I can Say.

When a family knows that the baby they’re carrying is not going to live, there are many photographers who go to the hospitals and photograph their lone moments meeting each other. To share glances and cuddles and tears. I cry every time I see one of these posts. Hard. I probably would call it sobbing.

Anyway, if anyone in the area knows of someone in this situation, I would be happy to donate my photography to capture their only moments together in this life. I would love to honor your choice to carry your baby for as long as they would live and would cherish the opportunity to give you photographs of your little one to treasure.

Please pray for those who are experiencing this loss today. Mom, Naunie, Casey, Kerry, and then Mary Beth, Will & Familia Ruiz… you are all especially in my prayers today.

Then Comes Marriage: Randy + Jenny

11 10 2008

I knew when I woke up it was going to be a gorgeous day. The air was crisp and light. Not the typical humid-North Carolina- summer-I-don’t-want-to-be-outside-breathing-in-this-thick-heat air. The sky was blue with a few white puffy clouds, the breeze was nice, and the shade was cool. Ooh. I love shooting weddings in this weather.

We were so thrilled to be a part of the throng that came to celebrate this day with Randy & Jenny. Or as they were introduced to their reception, with Jackson 5 music playing, “The Jacksons!”

When we arrived at Binkley Chapel, Jenny was in the lobby hair all done, smile from ear-to-ear. I followed her upstairs as she finished getting ready.

Randy was patiently waiting in his dressing room. ALREADY DRESSED! Man, this guy was ready to marry the love of his life! And it wasn’t more than an hour later we got to watch this lovely couple exchange their first glances at each other on their wedding day– and it was this that was, in my opinion, the most memorable part of their big day. Not the weather, nor the crowds, or the details, or even the reception… it was the excitement of a radiant bride waiting to meet her groom and a groom awaiting his bride.“He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the LORD.” I remember saying these words to Randy Jackson as he awaited his bride’s arrival. His smile could not be wiped off for anything…except a little anxiousness maybe?

“Is she here?” he asked me. ” Not yet.” Not two minutes later, as he heard some rustling at the back of the church, “Is that her?”

Enjoy the sneak peek. More to come!

Anna & Dawson

7 10 2008

The other day, we met Anna & Dawson for some bubble fun and ring-around-the-rosy. Anna, full of personality, very quickly informed me that she and Dawson were both kids, but that she is older than him. “I am 4 and he just turned two.” Anna kept me giggling the whole time with phrases that belied her four years.

I thought it oh-so-fitting that Anna had fairy wings to match her social butterfly persona. She fluttered all over the yard and gleefully helped Dawson pop the bubbles. Dawson was such a cutie. I love his “cheese” face. So here are a few favorites from the shoot. Click HERE for a slideshow of the rest!

And here’s a quick one of the whole family on their golf cart- a favorite family activity of theirs is riding it!

Holiday Package Deal- Book Now!

2 10 2008


This applies to shoots between today (October 2) and December 2, 2008. December 2 is the LATEST day to place the order for cards in time for Christmas. ALL THE CARDS ARE 5×7 INCHES.

***If you’ve already completed a photo session but want custom photo holiday cards, no problem! The cards are priced in lots of 25, just email me for pricing.

So here are your options!