Merry Christmas!

25 12 2008

A Day with Darcy

22 12 2008

Here’s the lovely Darcy–we took a trek around Wake Forest a few weeks ago to snap a few shots. It was only a little chilly (not like today–high of 35 F) and we chatted it up the WHOLE time. Darcy is an awesome and affordable chiropractor, so if you need one– check out







21 12 2008

Ok, so I was reading awesome photographer Jessica Claire’s blog and today’s post was a list of 50 things she loves and 50 things that bug her… in efforts to get to know her more and for those who left comments along the same line, she would pick one to whom she’d give a free shootsac! I don’t have anything to give away… (unless you want a glass vase? That you could come pick up? Haha.) But feel free to comment your own likes and bugs. I love this. I love lists. I am a list person.

Anyway, I thought the list was so great– because I could so relate– that I decided to do the same here!

Things I love ( Jesus is a given, he saved my life!):

1.    Randy & Vaden
2.    Family & Friends. I love them.
3.    When it’s rainy and I get to sleep in and stay in—and even have cocoa.
4.    When I think of the word I mean to use at the time I mean to use it. “The difference between the almost right word and the right word is really a large matter–it’s the difference between the lightning bug and the lightning.” mark twain, in a letter to George Bainton. Oct 15, 1888.
5.    When I have time to read whatever I want. And when I do.
6.    All green lights.
7.    Sushi
8.    Cyber roll at Shaba Shabu
9.    Sunsets in Kona
10.    St. Lucia.
11.    Watching Vaden learn something new.
12.    Jeans that fit well
13.     Good service at a restaurant
14.    meeting deadlines
15.    cheap rent
16.    owning my car free and clear
17.    checking something off my to-do list.
18.    wheel of fortune
19.    having most of the major stores I go to in my town now
20.    fun photo shoots- where conversation is easy and time flies.
21.    Lily’s pizza
22.    Homemade whole grain bread
23.    Eating a healthy and delicious meal (do we see a trend here?)
24.    Scrabble
25.    Making cards
26.    Good hair days
27.    Ginger sesame dressing
28.    Beautiful days with blue skies, white puffy clouds, a nice breeze and mild temps.
29.    Going to bed early (these days that sounds so delicious.)
30.    Real Christmas trees
31.    Having deep, challenging discussions with friends
32.    Vaden hooting at his toy owls
33.    My brother’s homemade chocolate chip cookies
34.    Preschool drawings of people that look like heads with arms and legs and fingers.
35.    Receptions that end earlier than expected
36.    Traveling before dawn
37.    Babies with fat rolls and smiley faces.
38.    Puppies.
39.    Chocolate truffles.
40.    Hoodies.
41.    Big, chunky earrings
42.    Stationery.
43.    Stores that sell paper and books.
44.    Meeting up with an old friend for coffee or lunch.
45.    Clearance rack at Target
47.    Blowing Rock, NC
48.    Sovereign Grace Worship Music
49.    Tall brown boots
50.    Fast lenses

Things that bug me:
1.    Long, Unorganized lines. Especially at the post office.
2.    When people judge others by the color of their skin. (In fact, I think this is something that qualifies as a HATE. I HATE this.)
3.    When people don’t know how to drive in a roundabout
4.    When people cut you off and then honk at you as if it’s your fault that you had to swerve around them to avoid an accident!
5.    When people pull out in front of you and then remain driving 25mph in a 55mph zone
6.    Not having enough money to buy a gift for someone that I want to buy
7.    That I’m not done with college yet
8.    When I can’t think of the name of a book, movie, person, etc. that I am trying to tell someone else about.
9.    when people talk on cell phones while in a drive-thru or restaurant and someone is waiting on them and they ignore the person to chat on their phone.
10.    Dirty dishes piled up in the sink and no kitchen fairy to come wash them
11.     When I forget to email (or call) someone back!
12.    Stacks of papers on my desk
13.    Hitting red light after red light.
14.    The smell of chicken cooking
15.     Microwaved meat. Yuck. Microwaves are only for popcorn.
16.    When you’re trying to cancel a credit card and the call center tries 8309 different ways to convince you that you still need it…and all you want to do is cancel it.
17.    When Randy uses my car and leaves the seat lowered to his level and the radio stations all on talk radio.
18.    When I forget I put laundry in the washing machine for over a day or two. Can we say not good?
19.    Texting with my new phone
20.    lemon in water
21.     when the food options at  eateries (or parties) all include cheese. (Don’t they know people have allergies?)
22.    When you complain about service  (which I rarely do) and then you’re treated like you’re the weird meanie. Hello??
23.    Big blow-up santas and snowmen
24.    Slanted media stories—which I guess is most of them.
25.    Being misunderstood
26.    The smell of cigarettes
27.    Delayed flights
28.    Smell of tortilla chips in confined spaces, like a car.
29.    Shoes that rub on my toes
30.    Being cold and not having a jacket
31.    Being hot and not being able to peel off a layer
32.    When others try to usurp my parental authority
33.    Losing one earring.
34.    Walmart photo center
35.    That there are never enough lines open at Walmart
36.    Staining my clothes
37.    When I want to wear something that is still in the dirty laundry
38.    Accidentally drying (and shrinking) an item of clothing
39.    Blurry pictures
40.    Cats and the smell of cats
41.    People that always take, never give, and always want more.
42.    When Randy doesn’t shave his face and tries to kiss me.
43.    When people mispronounce words. It’s Mis-Chiv-Ous. Not Mis-Cheev-e-ous. Or the worst—its “Es-pecially” not “Eck-specially.” There is no “c” to add in there.
44.    Bugs in my house
45.    Morning sickness
46.    Not having a 50mm anymore (since I dropped it and broke it.)
47.    When people fart next to you. Especially in class. And when you’re pregnant and have a heightened sense of smell. Not the best combination.
48.    Drafts in my poorly-insulated house
49.    Trying to avoid a pothole but hitting it dead-on instead
50.    Static. Especially on airplanes.

And here’s a great photo that Crickett took of us. (My web-sizing action automatically watermarks it, but you know I didn’t take this one. It’s Crickett Photography.

Here goes. Just for kicks. More shoots coming soon!


Yay for Randy!

13 12 2008


Oh, the relief that we feel in this house is so thick you can almost cut it with a knife. Yes, Randy graduated with his M.A. yesterday!! And I finished out my exams and paper on Thursday. So school is over for Randy for a while and for me until Jan 5th! Hooray!!

We went out to lunch to celebrate yesterday, then came home and had a celebratory 2 hour nap–all three of us!! And then we decided a trip to Chic-Fil-A (as if Randy doesn’t get enough of it) was a good idea. Today while Randy was at work, Vaden & I walked into town for the Wake Forest Christmas Parade. I was going to bring the point and shoot and take a few, but wouldn’t you know, the rarely used camera had both batteries dead. Oh well. It was fun. I got a good walk in. I just feel so happy to be free! We are going to decorate now!

Anyway, this post is mostly to congratulate my handsome husband.


I am so happy he pushed through and graduated! He worked full-time while trying to still be an active husband and father and of course, be my second shooter.


All on top of doing a master’s!!


Vaden wants the diploma…


And a shot with Dad and Mom.


The Knox Family

5 12 2008

A couple of weeks ago (thanks for your patience!) we got to shoot the wonderful Knox Family. I can’t believe it’s already been a year since we last took photos of Jeremy & Miranda! This year, Mom and Dad got in on the action, too! We braved a blustery, very chilly day here at SEBTS and got some pretty good stuff. I like that you can’t tell it was soo cold. Everyone put coats on in between shots.










Now isn’t this a fine idea?

4 12 2008

My long time friend and fellow photographer, Crickett asked if I would be interested in a photo session swap-a-roo, and I said, Heck yeah! So last week we bundled up our families and got to taking some photos.

Here are a few…img_3095