The Bailey Family!

28 05 2009

You may remember last fall I had the pleasure of taking pictures of Baby Grace. So when her mom contacted me to shoot the whole family I was thrilled! I didn’t think it was possible for Grace to get any cuter, but I was wrong. The Baileys are a wonderful family and oh-so-patient waiting to see these!! Check out their slideshow here.













12 05 2009

Phew, I know I know, I haven’t updated the blog in ages and ages! There’s good reasons! We moved this past weekend to a bigger place, which was a little hectic and crazy being about 8 months preggo and still in the last weeks of school, and Randy working a lot. BUT, we survived!! Thanks to our amazing families and some good friends, we got everything out of the old house and into the new before this baby girl comes. Which, if I were to deliver her at 38 weeks, like I did Vaden, means I only have 5 weeks left. CRAZY! I just want to finish unpacking the nursery before then!

In other news, we sold Randy’s car! Woohoo! Now we have no car payments, but we are seriously on the lookout for a reliable, cheap car to replace his, because for now, we are struggling to get him to work and me to class and Vaden to a sitter with one car. Once we do get one, we will sell mine and –get this–get a minivan. Yes, it’s official. We are really parents.

Vaden is such a trooper lately. And he’s decided on talking. “Pees” is please. “Ba” is ball. “Ma” is more. “Me” means I want it. He claps his hands all day and eats any speck he finds on the floor. Still. He loves to cuddle. And eat. He likes just about anything.

We’ve had some great photos lately that I promise I will post soon. In the meantime, this is Vaden’s excited face. Which he makes all the time, especially when you’re bringing him something to eat.