Chelsea, Class of 2009

29 11 2008

A few weeks ago I go to meet Chelsea– an awesome, intelligent, creative and fashionable gal who’s going to be graduating this year! She was a blast to not only hang out with, but to shoot! She rocked it. I love it when clients love to do something “different” and that’s definitely what we did… check out her slideshow HERE.








Chelsea is also into photography… so I snapped a few of her in action.




The Haven Family

24 11 2008

The Havens are such a wonderful, kind, warm family, and I loved the chance to capture their family photographs! I cannot think of enough words to express how dear this family is to me and my family. They have such big hearts, and they are good-looking to boot!! Check out a few of my favorites from their session and their slideshow HERE.









all kinds happening around here…

20 11 2008

Well, things have been more than a little busy around here! We are keeping busy with photo shoots, Randy is still working on his thesis, I am trying to stay on top of school work for me, and we just got back into town from Nashville, TN! What a blast. We were so thrilled to be able to join my family at a Shaohannah’s Hope fellowship weekend and fundraising dinner. I feel so inspired by the whole weekend. I am reminded that my life matters and I want to help others in a way that matters, too!


And yes, we’re having another baby. Shocked? I was, too! Scientifically, it shouldn’t have happened, but God has a sense of humor! And blew our illusion of control out of the water! I am now 8 weeks along and Vaden is 8 months old.

Yes, I still plan on graduating next year. Not sure 100% how, yet. The spring semester should be fine, since I will be in my second trimester (usually the best part of pregnancy) for the most of the semester. I am not due until end of June, so unfortunately, it doesn’t look like summer school will work out for me. My official due date is July 2, but Vaden’s was April 2, and he was born March 20, so I am aiming for the end of June as more likely. (I hope.)

Yes, I will still be taking photos. Keep calling!

No, we will not be fitting into our car for too much longer and do hope to upgrade to a larger vehicle.

Yes, we are still thinking we might head overseas, but now it looks like it wouldn’t be until Spring 2010.

Thanks for your patience as we catch up on all the shoots, life and sleep!

Amber. Amberlea. Amberchovy.

19 11 2008

This is Amber. She is a wonderful friend and I love her dearly. Believe it or not, I used to teach her Spanish!  Then two years ago she was in our wedding! And she totally graduated college before me. Stinker. Anyway, we share an affinity for nice things, great food, yummy coffee, and now, photography!  In the spring, she will be headed to serve two years overseas in Milano! And there is a slight possibility we will join her in a year!  So anyway– here she is in all her loveliness!img_0484x



Love this one.




A little flare never hurt anyone…



This one may be my favorite.



Family: The Mestases

19 11 2008

Phew! What a shoot!




Here are a few of the newest Mestas additions! I can’t believe it’s been a year since they joined the family!




Ring around the rosies…




a little Bat-man.

1 11 2008

So yesterday morning I decided to stop into Old Navy and see if they happened to have any costumes. I lucked out and got the last boy costume for $4.99! That’s just about what I wanted to spend, too!

So we decked out our Vaden in his first costume and headed over to Mimi’s where her boys were dressed up and ready to go to Open Door’s Party on the Block! We tagged along for a little while before V got too sleepy. I loved loved loved seeing all the littles in their adorable costumes. Especially the babies! Little turtles, giraffes, lobsters and bananas make me smile. And of course, bumble bees!!

Anyway, here’s my little bat! Even though it can kinda look like a rabid rabbit, it’s a bat costume people. And it was this or a pink poodle.

Scaredy bat…

waiting in line for the moonbounce!

Braylon the bumble bee!

his brother the turtle!

The Glen princesses!