“What do I wear to my portrait session?” you ask.

Well, ideally for family, children, seniors or engagement sessions:

– no plaids or heavy patterns. Stripes only if they are like pin-stripes.

– no solid white shirts for engagement sessions.


Guys—Maybe some cool jeans, a collared shirt and dressy shoes for a more dressy outfit and then tone it down with a t-shirt and some puma-like shoes for the casual look.

Girls— maybe one outfit that is more dressy and then maybe jeans with great colorful shoes, fun earrings or necklace, a great fitting top without crazy patterns unless you have a bolero or jacket over it. No sleeveless tops please.

Your outfits will determine which locations we select, so if you bring a dressy dress we will take you somewhere more urban, a dress from anthropologie, to a field..

For Babies:

Well for newborns, we like naked babies, or with some soft fabrics that we wrap them in. If you have a blanket that Aunt Jane knitted then we’d love to use it!

For infants a little older, we generally like anything that fits them well. It can look a little silly when a baby is in an outfit 2 times too big.

For Maternity:

Please wear whatever makes you more comfortable. If we could make any suggestions, however, Melissa would say maybe a white skirt, and a white top, and then maybe one of your husband’s oxford shirts for bare belly shots (if you want them), and then maybe another shot with just a cute maternity top that shows off your baby bump!


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