Emily & Andy: THE WEDDING

26 08 2009

I met her on the first day of school. It was 7th period acting class—I was a bucket of nerves, and she was a bucket of smiles. Emily has a gift of making anyone feel at ease. She has a magnetic vibe, she draws people in…she really listens. She really cares.
Hearing Andy’s friends recount the first date he had with Emily, it was obvious that Andy, too, was drawn to her immediately. Emily was none too sure about him at first, but Andy’s charm, smarts, and good looks won her over in the end. I remember Emily calling me just giddy about Andy, and I knew a wedding would be in store.

I was even more thrilled when she asked me to photograph the big day! Emily & Andy married in a quaint chapel on Topsail Island, and danced the night away at her parent’s home on the sound. To see Andy and Emily together, you just know that they’re a great match.

Thank you for having us be a part of your beautiful, beautiful wedding. I’m not just saying that. I’ve got proof:












Here’s to the best LOVE TRAIN I have ever seen. EVER.







Check out more by watching their SLIDESHOW.



16 08 2009

Ahh. I know I owe some more photos of Emily & Andy’s wedding, and I hope to have them done soon, but it seems like it’s always one more thing stacked against me sometimes. I am a pessimist, I know it, but I find I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than disappointed any day. Anyway, I’m sick. Vaden’s cold is worse and Cana has one, too. Randy, who had it first, is just feeling better now. So hopefully it won’t last too much longer for the rest of us. I haven’t been to church or small group in what seems like forever, and I miss it! I stayed home with the kiddos today and last week was Emily & Andy’s wedding and the week before Randy let me sleep in after a long night with Cana…and before that, who knows?!

I am having a hard time of it lately. I am still overweight and don’t have too much time to exercise.  (I wish I kept track of when pounds fell off with Vaden! I know I was back to normal at 5 months postpartum.) I need new running shoes. Mine are old and a little snug. And they do nothing to support my shin splints and Achilles tendonitis. I am getting gray hairs. I still haven’t finished my degree and have classes resume starting tomorrow for my online class and next week for the two on campus. And I am still behind on my independent study. I wish I had finished school long ago. I just have four classes left. And I can either quit now…or suffer through one more semester and be done forever. FOR-EV-ER. I don’t know how it will shake out yet. But the thing is, I want to homeschool my kids. And someday down the line, if it becomes law that you need to have a BA to home educate your children, I will cry that I was four classes away and didn’t finish. You see, my degree program no longer exists as it did when I enrolled a bagillion years ago, so if I quit, I would have to mostly start over.

I wish I could do it all. And know what to do.

Anyway. Next time I post, it will probably be with delicious photos. Until then, here’s some of my kiddos. Vaden stuck the little horse into the picture, thinking, no doubt, that she might not cry if she had a toy.



Emily & Andy: A Preview!

14 08 2009

What a wonderful day it was!! This is just a sneak peek… more to come later!





A Miracle.

27 07 2009


This story is truly a miracle.

Our dear friends Stephanie and Noah, which you may remember from the blog post I wrote about their little guy, Shepherd, who is now home from UNC Children’s Hospital and recovering well, are a part of another amazing story of God’s grace. I met Noah’s mom, Peg, long before I met Noah. She was a wonderful woman who asked us youth to pray for her son, Noah. A couple years later, Noah was baptized as a believer in Christ, and a couple years after that, he married my college best friend. Their wedding had an impact on bringing Noah’s brother, Merle back to the Lord, and also impacted Noah’s dad, Wayne. Four and a half years later, Wayne began to reconnect with Peg, from whom he had been divorced for twenty years. Noah said, ” I have seen my mom get up early to enjoy spending time with my Dad, talking for hours. And my mom doesn’t get up early. And my dad doesn’t talk.”

After a couple decades of marriage, and then a couple decades of being divorced, Wayne & Peg Joyner remarried on Saturday. There was not a dry eye in the house at their wedding ceremony. It was such an honor to be able to capture some of the images of the reuniting of this wonderful family. My friend Miranda was asked to take pictures at the wedding, and being that this was to be her first wedding, she asked if I would join her, and needless to say, I jumped at the chance.





















27 07 2009

I have been meaning to upload this post for a while now… but as you can imagine, the life I lead is more than a little busy. I wanted to show the proof that Cana doesn’t like photo shoots. The second time I tried to get naked sleeping newborn shots, I got her all set up and she turned her head round just as I clicked the shutter. Then I got about 8 pictures before Cana started pooping. And then while cleaning her up, she started projectile pooping. While cleaning up the poop all over the wall, changing table, and trashcan, she started peeing. In fact, she peed three times in the course of 8 minutes. So I got her cleaned up and tried again to take her picture, but she would not cooperate. I tried to swaddle her and she writhed her arms free. Screaming. To eat. So I called it a day. And I haven’t really tried to take her picture since. It’s been three weeks. I know I need to try again. She is not pooping 10 times a day anymore, so maybe it will work out next time. She really is a spitfire though. And we love her to pieces.


IMG_7044xThe one above and the one below are the two cute ones I got.






A visit from some cousins.

26 07 2009

So last week we had cousins in town. Lauren and I grew up like sisters til she moved to Florida, and that’s where she currently lives with her hubby Ben and their one year old (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) daughter, Allison. Vaden loves Allison. He got so excited every time she came over and spoke to her in his little language while showing her around to all his toys. And he liked to kiss her. And she kisses back. Here are a few shots of the kids from the week. Just for fun.






Babies Babies Babies

27 06 2009

I love my babies. I don’t sleep much, I can’t do everything I want to do right now, but I love my babies and I wouldn’t trade this life for anything. I took a few pics in the last few days… still working on getting THE shot for the birth announcement, but little Cana decides that she doesn’t want to make it easy for me, so I will keep working for it. (This baby sleeps all day EXCEPT when I want to take sleeping pics of her in Vaden’s room. Then she stays awake for 2 HOURS!) It’s ok.