All That I Can Say…

15 10 2008

Today is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, as I learned from my friend and photographer Casey’s blog. Her post today brought tears to my eyes. Check it out HERE. Casey and Dan have been in my prayers a lot lately, as they grieve the loss of their son, Asher… Casey gives some great insight into the heart of a grieving mother and how to comfort a family experiencing loss.

One of my personal struggles this year has been the thought of losing a child, especially now that I have one. And it seems I know so many who, within the last year, have experienced this kind of loss–whether by miscarriage, infant death, or the death of a child. I am moved by their openness, their honesty, and their faith. I am constantly reminded of the hope we have in Christ through them and their hope. This song, posted by Angie on her blog, Bring the Rain, really expresses the emotions I have felt for our family and friends: All that I can Say.

When a family knows that the baby they’re carrying is not going to live, there are many photographers who go to the hospitals and photograph their lone moments meeting each other. To share glances and cuddles and tears. I cry every time I see one of these posts. Hard. I probably would call it sobbing.

Anyway, if anyone in the area knows of someone in this situation, I would be happy to donate my photography to capture their only moments together in this life. I would love to honor your choice to carry your baby for as long as they would live and would cherish the opportunity to give you photographs of your little one to treasure.

Please pray for those who are experiencing this loss today. Mom, Naunie, Casey, Kerry, and then Mary Beth, Will & Familia Ruiz… you are all especially in my prayers today.




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